Thursday, May 17, 2012

(: kids now a days

for many of us, mathematics is a feared beast, best tamed by rote learning, memorising formulas and repeatedly doing past year questions. At least that was what my teachers told me until Puan Razlina came along. SHe was my further Mathematics teacher.  Within the first few classes, she had transformed my perception of Maths, showing it to be nothing a misunderstood unicorn and beautiful.......from : pravin raj 3 sri 1
tak kisah la dia copy ke ape time buat surat ni. tapi serious terharu. hakhak.
( nowadays..

lagi satu keping..

a true teacher is someone who gives it their all. someone who has knowledge. someone who creates peers, not fans. someone who helps you find autonomy, not dependence. someone who shows you how to think and not what to think. BUT of course, not to say, you are always my favorite and my best teacher in the world.

terima kasih..

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